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Let's just get this out there - 'itinerary' sounds very set-in-stone and slightly scary. But this is not an intimating word because an itinerary is really a suggestion of what one could do, but one has all the power to decide.  

My itineraries are guides for what I did while traveling and help you as you travel. Planning has always come naturally to me - okay, maybe not 'naturally' but I like to know what I'm in for so I do research and I plan. From grocery stores lists to backpacking through Spain, preparation and knowing what I'm in for are essential traits. You can always jump off the path and explore, but knowing there's a path is nice.​



I’m fairly active person. I don’t mind a whole day of hiking with an evening walking tour followed by dinner and drinks. Getting tired mid-day and finding a local stop to rest is part of the experience. Some of my favorite moments were following the itinerary route and taking a pit-stop. Wine at these local stops wasn't bad either. The itinerary days are jammed pack so it may look like too much, but you can pick and choose. Feel free to move things around to accommodate your lifestyle.


While history is the backbone of any city, I’m not here to give you the details of every attraction. There's this thing - the Internet - and it has a lot more information than what I could provide. Basically, I Google information for the sight I’m seeing and you can too. Included on some itineraries are links about the attractions so you can read up about it. If you want that history lesson, all you have to do is click the link and read.


Traveling shouldn't be put off. What are you waiting for? A sign? Well this is it, take a trip! You work hard so enjoy life a little. However, it's expensive so here's my tip to traveling every year:

Odd Years (2001, 2017, 2035), stick close to home. Take a road trip and spend a long weekend somewhere close,  but far enough from home. Don't break the bank with this trip. 

Even Years (1996, 2020, 3122), go big. Venture to a different continent and splurge. 


I'm a Texas native who seeks to travel and get out of the corporate world to see the actual world. Goal is to visit 70+ countries and enjoy life. I'm not a solo traveler, love to see sights with my significant other (SO) or a group of friends - the more the merrier, right? I'll eat anything; my saying is 'try everything twice, because the first time could have just been awkward' and it's hasn't steered me wrong yet. Oh except coconut, not a big fan. I'll also drink anything. Love to try local brews, wines and concoctions. I've knocked some big adventures off my bucket list, but I'm not finished just yet. 

Enjoy my itineraries and enjoy your trip, I hope to have helped in some aspect.

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Typical travel websites will give you the top 10+ attractions to visit, their experience and the perfect photo to prove it. ItineraryTraveler provides everything you want to do, all in one place. Everything from prices, how long to spend at an attraction to options for your day, food recommendations and more.


The other sites may list what's great about a city, but not how to do it all. I like to plan so keeping track of how I spend my day in this city helps when friends ask for recommendations of what to do. Keep in mind, it's your trip so mix-up this itinerary, add some events, remove some, make it your own and enjoy your trip. 

If you want more, a personalized itinerary may be the route to take. Get more information by clicking Your Trip

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