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Acapulco, a beach resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast, is set on a large bay backed by high-rises and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. Made famous by the jet set in the 1950s and '60s, it's known for its high-energy nightlife, beaches and golf. From its iconic La Quebrada cliff, professional divers plunge 40m into a small ocean cove every day and night, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


This city was special to Diego Rivera. Take in the local culture and art.


Tacos, tequila, seafood, tequila, Mexican coffee, tequila. Nom nom nom.


Image Tarzan swinging through this tropical paradise. Explore the spots of where this classic was filmed.

The 7-Day Acapulco Itinerary


Hotel: Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial ($$$, include breakfast buffet); Las Brisas ($$$)


Visit between April through May, or October through November. I went in November and it was perfect; hot by not overly humid. The other months have a higher chance of rain.


Do not rent a car. Rely on hotel drivers or attraction drivers to take you to where you need to go. There are taxi's but you must have pesos on you, no change made. 


Language is Spanish but found many locals who knew English

Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN); if your exchange rate here


Acapulco has quieted down over the years, but it use to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Besides the historical cliff divers, Acapulco offers some great attractions, beautiful mountains and elegant artwork. A beach vacation spot with a touch of tourism that won't break your budget. The atmosphere is ideal for a friends reunion, romantic getaway or a family vacation.

Day one

Afternoon flight that stops in Mexico City

Find a Starbucks and get a protein pack meal kit, or dinner from a restaurant

Evening flight to Acapulco; before leaving the airport, get pesos from the currency exchange

  • Pay ahead of time for the Shared Car to go from airport to the hotel; it's part of the hotel package

Check-in and drop off the bags

10:30 PM – Explore the hotel and have dessert at Café Et Chocolat

Day Two

7 AM - Breakfast buffet at the hotel; say hi to the flamingos on your way

  • Breakfast gets packed around 9 AM but the staff does a great job of keeping the food well stocked

  • Take a water bottle and ask a staff member to fill it up. Ask nice enough and they may give you ice too.

9 AM – 2 PM – Acapulco Half-Day Orientation City Tour; time spent 5 hours, $50

3 PM – Back to the hotel for pool time and drinks

7 PM – Beach Club Restaurant at the hotel

  •  Hotel Activity: Acarey Acapulco Bay Tour, $17 – tours at 4:30 PM or 10:30 PM

Day Three

9 AM Breakfast: buffet at the hotel, it’s seriously amazing

Rent a cabana on the beach and enjoy the view

3 PM – Pool time with everyone

6 PM – Rehearsal dinner at La Quebrada and Cliff Diving Show

Day Four

7 AM - Breakfast buffet again!

8 AM – 1 PM - Acapulco Snorkeling Tour (5 hours; $55) at Isla La Roqueta

  • You MUST check-in 24 hours in advance (if booked with Viator) or they bump you to another day

  • Tip: bring sunscreen, a hat, a towel and snacks. You’re out in the sun all day and the water is very salty.

7 PM - Dinner at the restaurant on the beach, associated with the hotel

Big nap

11 PM - Clubbing with the group at Baby'O

Day Five

Breakfast with the bridesmaids at the hotel buffet

WEDDING – an all-day affair

  • Wedding Venue is Las Brisas or 'the baby making factory'

    • If you want to bounce hotels in your trip, try to stay here

    • Each room houses 2 people (aka no room for mother-in-law) and a private pool!

Day Six


All Day Relaxation → Pool & Beach

7 PM Dinner: Tavola Restaurant ($, Italian) at the hotel

  • The octopus is fabulous and so is the calzone, it’s huge

Day Seven

7 AM Breakfast: last day of the scrumptious buffet

9 AM – Check-out, early afternoon flight home

  • ​Pay ahead of time for the Shared Car from hotel to the airport; it's part of the hotel package, if you so choose.

Goodbye Acapulco. Head home.​

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Acapulco was not on my bucket list of places to go. Honestly, didn't know much about other than it use to be the hot spot for celebrities to own second homes in, and the Tarzan movie was filmed here. That was about all. I went to Acapulco because a friend was getting married here. Take travel opportunities when they happen.


This city was gorgeous, cultured, inviting and then some. While it hasn't been the safest location lately, if you are aware of your surroundings and don't put yourself in a bad spot then you'll do just fine. I planned car services prior, took adventures with well written reviews and felt safe the whole time. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and I look forward to going back. 

Favorite Moment: The moment was made by Roger Dodger and his tour of Acapulco. He was raised here and showed my friends and I around like we were part of his family. Best part too, no one else showed for the city tour so we had him all to ourselves and go to do even more than what we signed up for. My favorite moment was venturing around Acapulco under his watchful eye.

Least Favorite Moment: Our snorkeling trip was nice but the waters around Isla La Roqueta are not clean. My friend and I tried to snorkel around with the go-pro but were constantly pushing garbage and plastic out of the way. Saw some fish but the waters were hazy. 


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