3-DAY Galveston, Texas ITINERARY

Galveston is an island city on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It's known for Moody Gardens, where giant glass pyramids house sharks, monkeys and other animals. Amusement rides and restaurants line Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier on the south shore. West is bird-rich Galveston Island State Park, with its trails, kayak launches and fishing spots. Stewart Beach and East Beach are on the island's eastern end, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


Lather on the sunscreen, put on the shades and lay out the towel - it's time to relax on the beach. Do not disturb.



First drafted in the 1830s, stoll down old towne Galveston vy venturing through the Strand into the candy shoppe.


Hurricane have happened. 10,000 trees were torn in Hurricane Katrina and a sculpturist made the stumps into works of art.

The Perfect 3-Day Galveston Itinerary


AirBnB in Spanish Grant beach or closer to town near Pleasure Pier

Hotel: San Luis Resort ($$$), Hotel Galvez and Spa ($$$), Casa Del Mar Beachfront ($$)


March through April the water will have a chill, after this through August is summer time and it will be sweltering warm. 


The itinerary lumps you together to walk to ares, but Lyft to the outskirts. Don't rent a car, it's too expensive paying for parking.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


Great city for a no-fuss beach weekend with friends, family, loved ones; this place will not break the bank either and has great food (all the seafood) and drinks (anything with rum).

Galveston attracts thousands of visitors each year for marathons, weddings and more. Besides the public beaches, Galveston offers great attractions, beautiful landscapes and elegant architecture. Galveston is also a historical city full of look-out forts turned hotels, history, and sunshine. This place is proud of their past facing hurricanes and remain standing tall with special dedicated memorials throughout the town.

Day one

Drive down to Galveston and arrive in the early afternoon just before lunch

12 PM Lunch: The Spot ($$, Burgers & Seafood) on the Seawall, get a seat with a few; people watching is the best

  • 21 and up: walk up to the Rum Shack and enjoy the view of Pleasure Pier will picking your favorite run drink

1 PM – Time to soak up the sun and be lazy on the beach 

  • Watch out for birds, they are mean and will get close. Seaweed can be smelly and has flies, but it's harmless so move it out of the way. If you see trash, make the effort to throw it away. 

  • Favorite beaches: Jamaica Beach or Pirates Beach

  • Other options: Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark (time spent is 3-5 hours, $25 USD) or Pleasure Pier (time spent is 2-3 hours, $40+ USD)

4 PM – Sunburned? Head inside of Moody Gardens (time spent is 2-3 hours, $25 USD) and enjoy the AC and the butterfly exhibit of Rain Forest Pyramid.

6 PM Dinner: Rudy & Paco ($$$, Latin American Seafood) or Porch Cafe ($$, Seafood)

7:30 PM – Ghost Tour by Dash Beardsley; 2 hours, $20 USD

  • Wear tennis shoes and bug spray

Day Two

9 AM Breakfast: Mosquito Cafe ($$, Burgers & Brunch)

10 AM – 1892 Bishop’s Palace, Galveston historical tour; time spent is 1 hour, $12 USD

11:30 AM – Shopping on the Strand

  • Pop in for some old time candy & watch how they make taffy​

1 PM Lunch: Yaga's Cafe & Bar ($$, Burgers) or anywhere else on the strand

3 PM – Self-Guided walking tour of the Tree Sculptures; time spent is 1 hour, FREE

Head back for an afternoon on the beach or take a historical tour of Willis-Moody Mansion; time spent is 1 hour, $12 USD

7 PM Dinner: Shrimp N Stuff ($$, Seafood); Cajun Greek ($$, Greek & Seafood); Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant ($$, Mexican)

Drinks: Beerfoot Beach Bar ($$, Brewery) or Brew Brothers ($$, Brewery)

Day Three

Hike Galveston Island State Park; time spent is 3-4 hours, $5 USD

Goodbye Galveston. Head home.

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I love Galveston. It's a beach town and that's all there is to it. 

I've been venturing to Galveston my entire life. Rent a house for a week and hang out at the beach collecting shells and chasing crabs. It's a great life. Compared to other beach towns, this is not your typically beach town. It's growing - with the Pleasure Pier, Moody Gardens and Schlitterban - there's a lot of big attractions to entertain you. But the locals just go to the beach, or avoid the sun at a brewery. 

While Galveston may not have the prettiest beach, it's a lovely slice of the Gulf of Mexico with amazing tasting salt water fish. The seafood here is amazing, even if you're not a fan you have to give it a try. Gumbo, fried cab legs, salt water taffy, this is not a place to start a diet. 

Galveston also has a lot of history - forts, pirates, hurricanes, flooding, etc. One of my favorite things to going on a ghost tour because you get the base facts and some cool tidbits; and it's scary. Follow this up by a historical tour and you get the whole picture. There was a lot happening in Galveston when it was first established, take a moment to learn about it. 

This is the place for a quiet, no-fuss beach weekend with friends, family, loved ones, dogs, etc. It doesn't need frizzles of big attractions or clear-blue water (although that would be nice, but then we wouldn't have that amazing salt water fish) because the city's charm will make you love it. 

Happy Travels, 

- Itinerary Traveler

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