Gulf Shores

3-DAY Gulf Shores, Alabama ITINERARY

Gulf Shores is a city on Alabama's Gulf Coast. Its Gulf State Park has beaches, trails and a pier, plus a golf course and a zip line over the dunes. To the west, sea turtles and migratory birds thrive among the coastal habitats of Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Farther west, 19th-century Fort Morgan guards Mobile Bay. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo offers hands-on encounters with lemurs, kangaroos and sloths, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


Life is lived on the beach here. Kick back, relax and soak in those rays. Jump in the waves for a nice cool down.


Combine ice cream, Kahlua rum, coconut rum and 151 to make the ideal local drink.


These tasty treats are a must when close to fresh seafood; enjoy the fried critters.

The 3-Day Gulf SHORES Itinerary


AirBnB close to the water side down by Gulf State Park Romar Beach or W 11th St

Hotel: Beachside Resort Hotel ($$); Best Werstern Premier Tides ($$$)


June through August is a great time to visit for sunny weather, be warned that jellyfish season happens toward the end of August. Avoid during spring break.


It's ideal to have a car to get from one end of the island/beach to the other and to store beach items. Lyft can take you anywhere especially if you're drinking.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar (USD, $)


You're on island time here so kick back and relax. Lots of seafood, and local drinks. Alcohol and gas are on the expensive side but this trip overall shouldn't break the bank. Most of the time spent is on the breach for free. People are friendly and the sun is high, so enjoy it.

Day one

Arrive in the morning, drop off bags at the hotel

10 AM - Let's get to the beach for fun in the sun, venture to Gulf Shores Public Beach

  • Bring a cooler of drinks, water and snacks - no glass allowed

  • Gulf Shores has a Beach Flag Warning System to advise you, see what they mean here

3:30 PM - Head in for a break from the sun and to clean up for dinner

5 PM - Early dinner at Lulu's Gulf Shores ($$, American & Seafood) to avoid the crowds; ask for a high-seat table on the water so you can watch the boats

  • Sand pit and water buckets for the kids to play, so bring a towel to clean them off

  • Waste time in the arcade, on the ropes course or outdoor bar

7:30 PM - Save room for a huge ice cream sundae at The Yard Milkshake Bar ($$$, Ice Cream Shop); try the Smores

8:30 PM - Putt-putt fun at Pirate's Island Adventure Golf; time spent is 1-1.5 hours, $12 adults - play on the Blackbeard challenge for a bit more fun

  • Add a bet: loser buys the first round of shots at the next spot

10 PM - Drive down to Flora-Bama bar, a bar that sits on the boarder; have a drink in Alabama and then in Florida

  • If it's packed, go for drinks at the Hangout and sit as close to the beach as you can get​

Day Two

8 AM - Back to the beach; go to the same one or venture West for a private beach

11 AM - Lunch at Bahama Bob's Beach Side Cafe ($$, Seafood) and try the coconut shrimp

  • This is a local hot-spot so don't be differed if there's a wait. It moves fast and it's worth the wait.

12:30 PM - Shop around at Ron Jon's Surf Shop

1:15 PM - Stroll down the Gulf State Park Pier; time spent is 30 minutes, $3, and watch fisherman get the catch of the day, and dolphins steal their bait

2 PM - Chill off with a local brew at Big Beach Brewing; time spent is 1.5 hours

Head home to clean up, shower and prepare for dinner

5:30 PM - Dinner at The Gulf - Orange Beach ($$, Seafood), a restaurant made of old shipping containers with an outdoor vibe overlooking the water with sand in your toes. Try the blackened fish ceviche, roasted cauliflower and shrimp tacos.

9 PM - Drinks at Pink Pony Pub

Day Three

Start your day at the beach, back to Gulf Shores Public Beach

10:30 AM - Order lunch from Papa Rocco's ($$, Pizza) and have someone pick it up, while the other saves the beach spot; the Chicken Club Pizza is delicious

  • If you have more time, change up spots to Orange Beach

Back to the hotel to clean up and pack

4 PM - Grab a coffee pick-me-up from Beach Girl Coffee on your way out of town

Goodbye Gulf Shore. Head Home.

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The sunshine, seafood, strong drinks and welcoming waves means you've made it to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Now is the time to get on island time. If you want a chill and relaxing vacation, then you've come to the right place. Dolphin tours are a big highlight with a great captain who told you the history of Alabama, Florida, celebrities and then some. That was a great welcoming and start to the trip. 

Favorite part is the seafood. I'm a sucker for good, fried coconut shrimp and they did not disappoint. That meal plus whatever rum drink is the special, yes please. Probably over ate my share of fried food but it was worth it. Love the fresh seafood and their local spin on the dishes.

Least favorite part were the jellyfish. I should have done more homework and known the jellyfish were migrating through. Sitting on the beach was still very enjoyable, but dipping in the water was a bold move cause there were many, many jellyfish. Not to mention, some tourist were trying to get them out of the water but only succeeded in disconnecting the tentacles aka stinger part meaning now these stringers are freely floating around ready to wrap around your ankle and sting you. 

Really enjoyed the off season visit and look forward to going back. While there's not a lot to do, it still makes a perfect trip because of all the time spent at the beach. White sands, blue waves, sign me up.

Happy Travels, 

Itinerary Traveler

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