3-DAY Houston, Texas ITINERARY

Houston is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay. It's closely linked with the Space Center Houston, the coastal visitor center at NASA's astronaut training and flight control complex. The city's relatively compact Downtown includes the Theater District, home to the renowned Houston Grand Opera, and the Historic District, with 19th-century architecture and upscale restaurants, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


Houston is adding color to the city by sponsored graffiti walls - get your insta photo.


Houston is a power house for home cooking, classic and unique meals and more. No diets allowed.


You haven't had Mexican food until you've tried Tex-Mex; with a marg of course. 

The Perfect 3-Day Houston Itinerary


AirBnB close the museum district or Galleria area

Hotel: Hilton Americas ($$$), JW Marriott Houston ($$$), Hilton Post Oak ($$)


In February and April you have the chill of winter breaking but the humidity hasn't begun. September and November are great as well, with lots of festivals. Spring through summer will be hot.


Houston is not known for being walk-able or pedestrian friendly, so renting a car may be best. Be prepared for traffic. For attractions, you'll want to Lyft to avoid paying to park, etc.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


This is a mega-hub city with lots of businesses and people buzzing about. More restaurants than you can count, but a weekend is the perfect amount of time to try them out. Gets expensive so watch the the wallet, but other than that, take in the sites with your significant other.

Houston is a top spot to visit because there's a lot of history, people and restaurants here. It's not tourist friendly, especially the driving, but being the 4th largest city in the US, it's a sight to see. Check out the concerts happening before you book your tickets because this is a top venue place so you're bound to have a good show. Humidity is high, mosquitoes are large but the Houstonians wouldn't have it any other way.

Day one

9 AM – Killen’s BBQ ($$, Barbecue); time spent is 3 hours. Don’t know what to order? Get the fatty (or lean) brisket with extra bark, pulled pork, sausage and side of cream corn. Throw in a beef rib if you want to splurge, you won’t regret it.

  • They open at 11 A.M. and there will be a line. Why? Because this place is a topped ranked BBQ joint in Texas.

1 PM – Continue South to Galveston Island for the day, check out the:

  • BeachShopping on the Strand and Barefoot Brewery; see GALVESTON itinerary for more activities

6 PM Dinner: The Spot and grab a drink at the Rum Shack, enjoy the view

Drinks in Houston’s Midtown:

  • Is it Thursday? Go to Little Woodrow’s in Midtown for Turtle Racing. Those little turtles are fast. Free bets and you can win beer.

  • Bar Hop & Popular Stops: Midtown Drinkery, Shot Bar, The Dogwood, Little Woodrow’s, 3rd Floor, Pub Fiction & Irish Cowboy

Day Two

8 AM Breakfast: the Breakfast Klub ($$, Breakfast & Brunch) and you must try chicken & waffles

  • Option: Baba Yega Cafe ($$, Breakfast & Brunch, Vegetarian) for the breakfast buffet

10 AM – Stroll through the Cinnabun Park, then walk across the street to the Museum of Natural History.

  • More museum options listed below.

  • Head across the street to Miller Outdoor Theatre and the botanical gardens.

1 PM – Lunch: Brennan’s of Houston ($$$, American/New Orleans); Pondicheri ($$, Indian); Tacos A Go Go ($, Tex-Mex)

Shopping or Site-Seeing?

  • For shopping, there’s the Galleria or Highland Village. If you go to the Galleria, make sure to walk out to the Waterwall. Or strap on your ice skating blades.

  • Site Seeing Options: Cistern; time spent is for a 30-minute walk and history lesson, $10 USD

4 PM – Afternoon drinks at 8th Wonder. Grab a snack from the food truck.

8 PM – Mexican Dinner: El Tiempo ($$, Tex-Mex) on Washington or Montrose. Enjoy your margarita.

Show or Game – get tickets to something: DynamoTUTSJones Hall, etc.

  • OR enjoy a free show at Miller Outdoor Theatre

  • Bring a blanket to sit on, cooler of wine or beer and plastic cups. Maybe some fancy cheese too. (Don’t forget a corkscrew!)

Drinks: Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar ($$, Bars & Music Venue​)

Day Three

8 AM – Bucc-ee’s ($, Convenience Store) for breakfast (kolache) and some snacks; get a picture with the beaver!

9:30 AM – Brazos Bend State Park; time spent is 3-4 hours, $7 USD cash

  • Pack a picnic and water. Stop in the visitor's center to kiss a live alligator. *I wouldn’t bring a small dog.

  • Options:

    • Play it safe by enjoying the trees in Huntsville State Park. Say hi to the ‘Uncle’ Sam Houston Monument!

    • San Jacinto Monument – a bit of a drive

    • Don’t want to leave Houston? Enjoy a short walk at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

2 PM – head home and clean up for a relaxing afternoon: St. Arnold’s Brewery or shop around Rice Village (you’ll be here for the evening)

Sightseeing Options: the Bat Colony at the Waugh Drive Bridge

7 PM Dinner: Coppa Osteria ($$$, Italian)

Dessert: The Chocolate Bar ($$, Desserts & Chocolatier)

Drinks: walk around Rice Village and see what bar you like. Popular Stops are The Ginger Man Houston, Little Woodrow’s and The Gorgeous Gael

  • Sightseeing Options: Rice Campus and the James Turrell’s ‘Twilight Epiphany’ Skyspace – check times beforehand, this sculpture depends on the sunset.

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Extra Day/Time | Day Four

9 AM – Houston Zoo

  • On the way back, stop by the Graffiti Art Walls at the Kingspoint Mullet

Goodbye Houston. Head home.

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It's hot. Just going to put it out there, but Houston is hot and humid. Bonus of that, your skin feels extra hydrated. The AC is set to low and all the stores will welcome you with open arms, so don't let high temperatures defer you from this large city.

Houston is working on improving it's pedestrian life so you'll have to rely on cars until then. Also, you can't really get anywhere unless by car but be prepared for traffic and road rage. This is a power house for bummer to bummer grid-locks so plan accordingly and avoid freeways during rush hour traffic (like 4-6 PM).

​Beyond that it's cool to see how 4+ million people can live in this town and love it. The food is top notch, the drinks have frozen flowers and everyone greets you with a friendly 'Ya'll', yes ma'am, no sir. You'll be following suite in no time. 

Houston has really neat sights like NASA and the galleria but there are also hidden gems included on the itinerary that I hope you enjoy checking out. One of my personal favorites is the Waterwall; never found a site like this before. The breweries are also really fun. They are local and beyond excited to tell their story of getting started if you ask; might get a free beer out of it too, hint hint. Meet some locals, ask for suggestions and try to relax in this city. 

Houston, we don't have a problem.

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