3-DAY Kerrville, Texas ITINERARY

Kerrville is a city in Kerr County, Texas, United States. It is the county seat of Kerr County. As of 2016, the population of Kerrville is 23,434, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


The name says it all - cold - but you still have to jump in!


While structurally sounds as a dam can be, also doubles as a slide.


Sit back and enjoy the weather as you float down the river without a care in the world. Don't drop valuables.

The Perfect 3-Day Kerrville Itinerary


AirBnB close to the dam

Hotel: River Run Lodge ($$)


Spring and Summer are hot, which will feel great when you get in the chilled waters of the Guadalupe River. This is also the popular tourism season.


The town area and main streets are walk-able but having a car here is necessary. Rent a car or drive your own. Use Lyft when going out so you can get home safely.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


Fun summer activity and a great memory. Seen bachelor and bachelorette parties floating, but also family and friends. 

Kerrville attracts hundreds of visitors each year due to its scenic sights. Besides the rolling hills, Kerrville offers a lively shopping street, beautiful lakes and cozy tubes so you can float down the Guadalupe River.

Day one

Noon - Drive over to Kerrville (4-hour drive from Houston)

4:30 PM - On the way to the hotel, stop and see Stonehenge II; time spent is 30 minutes, free

Check-in and drop off bags; refresh for dinner

  • If you want to camp – check out Lost Maples State Natural Area; $20 campsites. You could spend the whole weekend exploring this beautiful camp ground. It’s also a very popular camping ground so make reservations quickly.

Quick shopping at Sunrise Antique Mall and along Water Street, or stretch your legs at Louise Hays Park

  • Book fan? Check out Wolfmueller's Books​ to see a collection of 30,000+ used and rare books

6:30 PM - Dinner at 1011 Bistro (American, $$$) and ask for a table by the window

Drinks at Azul Lounge ($$, Lounge) or Wilson’s Ice House ($, Bar)

Day Two

9 AM – Drive to Bandera, TX to float the river; 40-minute drive

Tube Trip; time spent is 5.5-6 hours, $20 USD per tub rental (includes shuttle ride)

  • Rent Tubes from The Medina River Co. They also have ice!

  • Food/Cooler Items: lunch items (grab sandwiches/wraps beforehand), chips, snack items, water bottles, beer (in cans) & liquor (in plastic container) – you’re floating so bring something easy to eat

  • Things to Bring: sunglasses, hat, water shoes or tennis shoes, waterproof bag, waterproof phone case, sunscreen, waterproof camera & waterproof speaker

  • Not Allowed: glass or Styrofoam coolers

If you want to swim, start the day sliding down Ingram Lake & Dam. Rent mats across the street at the Dam Store. Then drive out to visit Schumacher Crossing. One of the most well-known swimming areas, Schumacher Crossing is located about seven miles from the Ingram intersection on Hwy. 39 west. Featuring pristine waterfalls that are the backdrop for countless portraits, it also boasts strong rapids, and both deep and shallow swimming. Schumacher also stands out because of its roadside park, with covered picnic tables and ample parking.

4 PM – Head back to the hotel to clean up

6:30 PM Dinner: Rails-a-Café at the Depot ($$, American) OR Billy Gene’s Restaurant ($$, American)

Drinks at Grape Juice ($$, Wine Bar & Beer) or The 'Ol Watering Hole ($, Dive Bar)

Day Three

9:30 AM Breakfast: Save Inn Restaurant ($, Breakfast & Brunch)

11 AM - Slide the dam at Ingram Lake & Dam; time spent is 1-2 hours, free to slide

1 PM - Clean up and check out

2 PM Lunch at Classic Burgers & Moore ($, Burgers)

  • Texas Monthly 2009 ranked this burger #40 in the Top 50​

Head home. Goodbye Kerrville.

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Floating the river is a Texas tradition, and if you're in Texas you might as well do it too. It's a crazy, fun experience that you'll want to do over and over again.


Biggest tip I can give is to invest in a good waterproof bag. This is holding phones, wallets and goods so don't purchase a mediocre bag, get a good one. See my preferred Waterproof bag on Travel Essentials for my recommendation and to know what worked for me. A friend bought one of those around the neck launders with a plastic case, well, her phone didn't make it. Instead of spending $12 bucks, shes now spending $300 to replaced the phone. Get a good waterproof bag.


The sun is shining and it increases the fun but remember to hydrate and eat something. It was fun tossing beers around and then a picnic lunch on our laps as we floated. Is that the light or what?! Bag chips didn't work so well because once one wet hand went in, they were ruined.


While it may be small, Kerrville was a fun time with my girlfriends but is also great for families, parties and everything. And you can camp if you want too! All we wanted to do was have a few drinks, float the river and not have to care about anything. So this location was the perfect place to do it. 

Float on, 

Itinerary Traveler

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