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4-DAY kickapoo cavern state park in bracketville, Texas ITINERARY

Kickapoo Caverns was opened as a state park in 1991. The park is located 22 miles north of Brackettville, Texas, straddling the Kinney and Edwards county line. Interesting features of the park include 20 known caves, two of which are large enough to be significant. Kickapoo Cavern is approximately .25 mile in length (1400 feet). It contains 14 miles of mountain biking trails, and 18 miles of undesignated hiking and birding trails, per Wikipedia.

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Must do, must see, must try:


Stuart Bat Cave serves as a site for up to a million Mexican free-tailed bats. You get to watch the migration; so fast!


Relive your childhood with these delicious and sticky treats. A must when camping.


Drop down and explore hug stalagmites - previously a hidden speakeasy!

The Perfect 4-Day Kickapoo Cavern state park Itinerary


The campsites of the park, but you must RSVP online in advance. This park is popular and fills up quickly, so if you can plan out 3 months ahead you should be good to go.


Fall is the perfect time so you can enjoy the change of season, but get there before the temperature falls too low. Preferably early November. 


You'll need to pack up the car/truck and drive it out. Everything should fit nicely and then unpack when you get to your campsite. Keep valuables in the car and lock it. Don't lose the keys. TIP: If you're nervous about animals getting into your food at night, lock the coolers in the car.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


Ideal city if you want to reconnect with nature, or relax on a walk. This is the place to visit if you want to get outside while seeing a fun bucket list location. Ideal for a weekend getaway with anyone.

Kickapoo Cavern State Park is north of Brackettville, home to John Wayne's 'Alamo Village' built in the late 1950s. Besides the beautiful and dry hills, Kickapoo Caverns SP offers a great natural cave tour, a large and lively bat colony and plenty of open spaces for you to relax.

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Day one

7 AM - Hit the road early for this 6-hour drive from Houston

Noon Lunch: Antoine’s Po’boy Sandwiches, mandarin oranges & chips

  • Packed this lunch before leaving and placed it at the top of the cooler for easy access

  • Refuel at Bucc-ee's and pick up wraps or sandwiches for the next day

2 PM - Arrive at Kickapoo Cavern State Park

  • Make reservations in advance – campground with water faucet, no electricity

  • You must check-in and ​register with the front desk, bring a print off your reservations

  • Sign up for the cave tour; limited spots and they go fast

3 PM - Setup your home for the weekend; there are only 12 camp-spots

  • There is a metal pool with a hook on the end - this is for your trash bag

  • While you can trust your campsite neighbors, leave important or valuables in the locked car

4 PM - Ride your bike or venture to the visitor’s center; ask the ranger about the bats

5 PM - Watch the bat migration down at Stuart Bat Cave, one of the biggest in Texas → more about bat watching

  • If you have a red spot light, bring it! It helps to see inside the cave and doesn’t hurt the bats

6:30 PM Dinner: Bratwurst, buns, carrots & campfire potatoes

  • Grab condiments: sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard

Dessert: Campfire Brownie

  • Bake brownies inside of orange peels and it's delicious​; prepare this in advance

Lay outside and count the stars

Day Two

8 AM Breakfast: coffee with biscuits, sausage patties, jam & grapes

Fill up the water canteen and head to the trail behind the visitors’ center (easy hike) 

  • Great scenic view of the park

Explore campgrounds or hangout and relax

11:30 AM Lunch: wraps from Bucc-ee’s & chips and leftover carrots and grapes

1 - 3:30 PM - Return to Visitors’ Center for primitive Kickapoo Cavern Exploring; time spent is 3+ hours, $10 USD

  • Wear closed toes shoes, clothes that are good in humidity, a flashlight and a head light and a camera/phone

  • You won’t need water because it’s so humid

4 PM - Hangout at the campsite; shower

Watch the bats again!

6:30 PM Dinner: Pre-seasoned and cut fajita meat, soft tacos, carrots & canned beans

  • Pre-cut ​veggies like lettuce, tomatoes or corn for toppings

  • Fill a Ziploc with sour cream and cut off the tip for a squeezable, easy to use bag - this also works for guacamole and salsa 

Dessert: S’mores! ​

Enjoy the wide-open spaces

Day Three

8 AM Breakfast: coffee with cinnamon rolls and apples

Time to hike!

  • Pick up a map at the center and venture out. We did a 7+ mile hike, the one to the left ridge.

  • Bring tons of water, wear good shoes and sunscreen. It’s hot and very dry on these trails.

Noon Lunch: Antoine’s Po’boy Sandwiches, mandarin oranges & chips

  • Carried lunch with us on the trail.

3 PM - back to camp to clean up and hang out

5 PM - watch the bats again

6:30 PM Dinner: Pre-made Chili with shredded cheese and ciabatta bread

Dessert: S’mores! ​

Day Four

8 AM Breakfast: coffee with biscuits, sausage patties, jam & grapes

  • Use the leftover chili to make sloppy joes

Last day which means time to take down camp – take it down and load it up

Goodbye Kickapoo Cavern State Park. Head home.

  • You don't have to 'check out' but be mindful of how you leave the campsite for the next campers​

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Kickapoo Cavern State Park is north of Brackettville, home to John Wayne's 'Alamo Village' built in the late 1950s. Besides the beautiful and dry hills, Kickapoo Caverns SP offers a great natural cave tour, a large and lively bat colony and plenty of open spaces for you to relax.

For a second time camping trip, the bar was set high. As a smaller camp site, this location was very serene and peaceful. Being inside Kickapoo Cavern was beautiful and there was something new to discover along the journey. The hikes vary on their challenges, but it's the sun that will test you. It was also nice to be cut off from the world without service...until you reach the top of the hill and then the phone went crazy. But mentally, it was a nice break. It was a long drive from Houston (about 6 hours) but worth it.

Not looking forward to the ground, but looking forward to the s'mores. Until next time. 

Happy Travels, 

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