4-DAY Nashville, Tennessee ITINERARY

Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee and home to Vanderbilt University. Legendary country music venues include the Grand Ole Opry House, home of the famous “Grand Ole Opry” stage and radio show. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and historic Ryman Auditorium are Downtown, as is the District, featuring honky-tonks with live music and the Johnny Cash Museum, celebrating the singer's life., according to Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


Welcome to the start of country music. Don't like, they don't care. Karaoke, Country Music museums, cowboys and more!


Not like mama's cooking. This is all about the hot chicken, collard greens and sweet tea. Life changing!


Scooters are the preferred way to get around town, and are really fun. Don't drink and scooter, you can go to jail. 

The Perfect 4-Day Nashville Itinerary


AirBnB close to the fairgrounds for quiet, but close to Broadway for parties

Hotel: Fairfield Inn & Suites - Gulch ($$$), Holiday Inn Express - Downtown ($$)


April through October is the best and most ideal time because of the warmer weather. If you want to see the city aglow, visit in December and remember March has St. Patrick's day and basketball season so there is over-crowding and high prices. 


Fairly spread out areas so if you want a car, that's great but you'll be drinking so a Lyft is recommended. Don't rent a car, it's too expensive paying for parking. And the scooters are fun!


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


Cowboy boots and country tunes are the veins of this amazing city. People are overly friendly, the food is always home-cooked and the vibe is happy. Great place to see with friends or family. 

Besides the country music, Nashville offers delicious food that momma would be proud of, nice people and and a whole lot of colorful country boots. This truly is a sweetheart city of the United States and everyone should take a trip to visit, even if you're not a country fan. There's so much to see and do and eat, so come ready to relax and enjoy.

Day one

Welcome to Nashville! Get to your hotel and unpack and put on your finest cowboy boots. 

2 PM - Smokin Thighs ($, American) for a flight moonshine and a burger.

  • Apple Pie is a big hit, and so is Root Beer. We asked the waiter to give us a roll of the dice surprise. Delicious!

7 PM Birthday Dinner at Husk ($$$, Southern) and start with Shrimp and Grits app, and try the fried chicken skin.

  • Make reservations in advance.

Dessert at Mike's Ice Cream ($, Ice Cream shop) and you better get two scoops in a chocolate chip cookie cone. This place will put you on the outskirts of the bar street. 

Get your Boots On! Go Honky Tonking: Start at Ryman Auditorium, barhop to Honky Tonk row from Fifth Avenue to the waterfront. Must stop at:

  1. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge - famous! Go all the way to the 4th floor for a great view.

  2. Robert’s Western World - also famous!

  3. The Stage - grab a seat if you can and watch the performers

  4. The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

Midnight - get a ride to Santa's Pub for karaoke

  • This place only takes cash and is $5 entry - but don't be put off, it's $2 beers inside

  • 'Famous' aka TV people you will recognize will come in and perform. This hole in the wall is a Nashville treasure.

If you're done performing, head home. 

Day Two

Early birds, start your day at Five Daughters Bakery ($$, Bakery) and split a big donut, but save room.

11 AM Lunch at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken on Melrose ($, Chicken), this is the epitome of Nashville hot chicken.

  • This is the MUST-STOP place of your trip and other people will want this as well, so get in line at 10:30 AM.

  • My order: 3-piece tender basket mild with a side of collard greens and mac n' cheese; the medium will make you sweat, no joke.

12:30 PM - visit Country Music Hall of Fame (time spent is 2 hours, $25.95 for general with audio-guide)

  • Pro Tip: don't go through the front entrance and get in line, there is a smaller ticket counter on the side entrance across from the printing shop. If you didn't get your tickets in advance, go to this small counter and skip the long line. 

3 PM - Walk down Broadway street (where all the bars are) in the day time. Check out Tootsies and Robert's Western World again.

3:30 PM - Grab a refreshing beverage down in the cellar of Beer Sellar ($, Bar). Relax and rest your feet. 

Ready to scooter? Find an available scooter and zip over to the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

  • Spans 960 meters over the Cumberland River and offers the best views of Downtown and is one of the largest pedestrian bridges in the world.

6 PM - Can't go to Nashville and not attend a live performance. Go to The Listening Room Cafe and have dinner and drinks (time spent is 2 hours, $8 to get in then $15+ dinner and drinks).

  • Book tickets in advance

Head out again - revisit Broadway street for bars, bars and more, or return to Santa's Pub for more karaoke.

Day Three

11 AM Brunch at Geist ($$, American breakfast)

  • Make a reservation and ask to sit outside. Read the historical marker, this place is really neat. 

  • Order one of every appetizer except the fruit. The cinnamon roll is gigantic, the biscuits are drool worthy and the list goes on. Split with your table. 

Walk down to the Tennessee Bicentennial Capitol Mall - Bicentennial Park Bells. Can you find Elvis's tile and the United States Tobacco tile?

  • This is a memorial, please be respectful.

Walk or Scooter to your next stop.

1:30 PM - Tour the Corsair Brewstillery Taproom & Tasting Room (time spent is 1 hour, $10)

  • Bring a valid, government issued ID

Then try out Nashville Craft Distillery (time spent is 1 hour) or shop down the street and find the enclave to shared space full of store and Jack Daniel's.

More shopping at Draper James, or head out for a drink.

7:45 PM Dinner: Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant - Downtown Nashville ($$, Southern bar & grill) with live music.

  • This is another hot spot so make reservations in advance.

Walk down to Ms. Kelli's Karaoke Bar, Lonnie's Western Room or Piranha's Bar & Grill for karaoke. More drinks: Tin Roof (music and draft beer), Patterson House (cocktails and shrimp corn dogs) or Pinewood Social (bowling, pool tables, bocce ball and food trucks with craft cocktails).

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Day Four

10 AM Breakfast at Biscuit Love Gultch ($$, Southern), there is a line, but it moves quickly and is worth it. 

  • Get the Bonuts and Churros to split. My favorite biscuit is the Southern Benny, but the Princess is a close second. 

The area is known as 'Gulch'. Stroll around and shop, or find the angel wing wall for your Instagram photo. 

Head back to the AirBnB and pack up.

Goodbye Nashville. Head home.


Nashville is a must = bucket list location. A must for anyone; doesn't matter what type of trip you're taking cause Nashville will be your location. I loved my trips here and both were very different. The first time was a bachelorette party with 15+ ladies and we had a blast. Tours around time, fancy brunches and drinks along Broadway. That's a good party.

The second time was a guy friend's birthday and it was a hoot and a holler. We ate big, drank big and walked everywhere that was possible. The itinerary above is from this birthday trip and I'd do it again in a heart beat.  


This is not a diet friendly place, so don't insult the chef by changing the recipe. The hot chicken of Nashville is a delicacy and you will yearn to have it again and again. I bought a 'Nashville Recipe' book to try and make it; it's not the same and that makes me sad. I want to go back to Nashville just for more hot chicken. Make sure to sample while you're there.

It's easy to get around here with ride sharing, but my first scooter experience is something I'll always remember - because I was terrified, but also amazed. It's easy to catch on too but I recommend you be sober for the first ride. You need to try it, you only live once. 

Small tip that I don't agree with. According to my Nashville native friend, the tourists are the only ones who wear cowboy boots. If you're preforming that evening and it's true country then you might wear them too; but otherwise that's how the locals spot the tourists. I don't agree or care, rocked my cowboy boots all weekend. Might have dropped a few 'howdy's' too.

Travel On, 

Itinerary Traveler

PS. Still dreaming of Hot Chicken.

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