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3-DAY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ITINERARY

Oklahoma City is the capital of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It's known for its cowboy culture and capitol complex, surrounded by working oil wells. The reflecting pool and empty glass and bronze chairs of the Oklahoma City National Memorial recall the victims of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The Survivor Tree, an American elm nearly destroyed in the attack, is also part of the memorial, per Google.

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Must do, must see, must try:


The historical Route 66 is worth a stop - and it's also a top Instagram photo opportunity.


An American eatery is born! Make sure to go with it's the drink happy hour! Ocean water is everything. 


Take a moment to reflect on what happened to OKC and see this beautiful and powerful memorial.

The Perfect 3-Day Oklahoma City Itinerary


AirBnB close to Bricktown

Hotel: The Skirvin Hilton ($$$), AC Hotel by Marriott ($$)


Tourism peaks during spring and early summer, and during football season. July is best for warmer temperatures but the winter snow is also nice. Tornado season is March through August.


Oklahoma is spread out so if you can rent a car then do so. Drivers are nice and share the lanes. For the evening activities, use a Lyft to the outskirts.


Language is English

Currency: US Dollar


OKC has lovely, kind people that are very welcoming. They have history and strong divides bettwen the Sooners and the Pokes.

Oklahoma City is a charming city nestled between university rivals - the Sooners and the Cowboys. In addition to the historical significance, Oklahoma City offers some great attractions, beautiful museums and enthusiastic sport venues.

OKC is a lovely city that is growing and a fun location to visit because I have lovely friends that live there. Every time I get to see them, they take me to a new eatery place and new sight. I love it! While you might not have OKC on your bucket list, if you get the opportunity to drive through it, take a moment and see the sights.

Day one

7 AM - Hit the open road for Oklahoma City

11 AM - Arrive at friend's house

Noon Lunch: Pops

  • Get your photo with the 66-ft. tall soda bottle​

2 PM - stretch your legs with a leisurely walk around Lake Hefner

  • Try the wind surfing if you're feeling adventurous ​

4 PM - Walk around Bricktown in Downtown OKC

7 PM Dinner: Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse ($$$, Steakhouse); Bricktown Brewery ($$, American); Crabtown ($$, Seafood)

Drinks: Vast ($$, American Cocktails) on the 49th floor of Devon Energy Center

  • Try to grab a seat by the window - you don't want to miss this view​

  • If you're under-dressed, go to The Lounge ($$, Cocktails) for a less formal but still yummy cocktail

Head over to Rock & Brews ($$, Burgers & Bar) for some live entertainment 

  • Fun fact: owned by ​Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS

Day Two

8 AM Breakfast: Daylight Donuts ($, Donuts & Coffee) and Coffee

9 AM - Oklahoma City Zoo; time spent is 3-4 hours, $25 USD

  • Bring a packed lunch and enjoy by the elephants

1 PM - Science Museum; time spent 2-3 hours, $16 USD

  • Look at the show times before jumping into the museum

  • The Mad Scientist & Planetarium are very entertaining

3:30 PM - Myriad Botanical Gardens; time spent 1-2 hours, $8 USD

Dinner: TapWerks Ale House & Cafe ($$, American Pub); Mahogany Prime Steakhouse ($$$, Steakhouse); Dekora! ($$, Sushi)

7 PM Shows & Events - Thunder basketball gameOKC Energy FC soccer game; or OKC Dodgers baseball game

Day Three

9 AM Breakfast: Hatch OKC ($$, Breakfast & Brunch)

  • Must get here early, tables go fast or call ahead and be added to the waiting list

10 AM - Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum; time spent 1-2 hours, $15 USD

  • If you don't have time to go into the museum, make time for the FREE memorial​

Noon Lunch: Braum's ($, Burgers & Ice Cream) - it's a classic

Goodbye Oklahoma City. Head home. 

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Oklahoma City is the place that you go and feel safe - like at grandma and grandpas house. You get feed home cooked meals, everyone smiles at you, the birds are chipping your favorite songs. Then you realize you're in the middle of the United States, tornadoes happen and there are cow pastures as your neighbors. But it's kind of amazing.


I can honestly say I like Oklahoma. Funny enough, when I told friends and family that OKC was on my bucket list, everyone responded with a joke. "Do they have electricity?", "Hope you know how to ride a horse.", "Eat your veggies, they will be covered in gravy." Like, WHAT? I laughed it off but after my visit, I'm on a mission to change everyone's mind. 

Oklahoma is a pioneer state that is accounts for 18.4% of the electricity generated in OK. That's a lot for you states that are at 0%. Two of the top supported universities are huge reviles, but everyone is beyond friendly. There were Sooner and Pokes shirts cut in half with the saying 'House Divided'; showing support for both.


The zoo, museums, Frank Lloyd Wright, food - this state may be windy but it's going to blow your mind when you visit and realize a weekend wasn't enough time to do it all. Favorite moment was the Thunder basketball game. I'm not a fan, I don't follow basketball but everyone around me had the best mood that is was contagious. You'll be cheering on the boys in blue before you know it. 

Least favorite moment was the weather. It can change in the blink of an eye. It was suppose to be a warm, pleasant day and then the skies turned dark. No, the tornado sirens didn't go off (yes, they are a thing and have done wonders) but the weather can be unpredictable. Bring a umbrella in addition to your flip-flops.

Happy Travels, 

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