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Airpot Travel Hacks

For an easier flight and travel experience, here are simple travel hacks to take care of before and during the airport. Easy tips you know, but may not do.


Technology helps you check-in for your flight 24 hours in advance, so take advantage of this and don't waste your time at a check-in line at the airport. Even if you need to check a bag, you can still check-in and grab a good seat assignment. Once at the airport, the airlines kiosk will take less time and zoom, you'll be on your way.


Sometimes, a bag gets lost. Hopefully it's not yours but let's make the ability to find your bag easier with a simple photo. Yes you get the sticker (luggage tag) once the bag is checked, but that's easily lose-able. Instead, snap a picture of the checked bag info. Now, if your bag gets lost you have all the information the airport needs to locate it again. Easy, quick fix for a bad situation.


I love that people want to be unique and express themselves, yet everyone buys a black or dark suitcase. Like, look around; how many black bags do you see? Everywhere! What I'm getting at is give your bag some personality with a colorful ribbon, or memorable sticker, or spray paint job. This way when you pick up your checked bag, you don't walk away with someone else's luggage.


The worst feeling is returning from an amazing adventure and forgetting where you parked your car. Get ahead of this feeing by taking a picture of your car once you've parked at the airport. If the poles are labeled, get that photo. If there's a color legend for the parking lots, get that picture. Once you've found your car, you can delete all the evidence and claim to have a great memory.


Did you know that people have a natural habit for checking their right side first? Which means at the airport, generally people are going to veer to the security line to the right. Be different so you can find the short line by going left. You may even save some time by not waiting in the line. Win!


You have a favorite water bottle; bring it with you to the airport and on your trip. Fill up the water bottle at the airport after you made it through security. Presto, you just saved money that you would have spent buying an overpriced bottle of water. And you went green; you're such a good person! Don't have a favorite, take my favorite water bottle.

YUMMIE GOODNESS Bring your own snacks and don't pay airport steep prices. Simple as that. Pack easy to travel snacks like nuts, popcorn, energy bars or trail mix. I highly recommend Stasher bags as they are thicker than Ziploc bags and close really nicely.


If your flight outfit doesn't involve socks, pack them in your carry-on bag so you can keep your toes warm during your flight. Being cold on a flight is the worst, so avoid it with this simple tip. They also work as an easy to grab clean up tool if your hand sanitizer bursts, you spill, etc.


Might sound weird, but plan your flight outfit when you're packing your bag. Consider jackets that you could wear with different out. Then wear it on your flight rather than packing the jacket and it taking up much needed suitcase room. Wearing a jacket is also ideal because you can stay warm on your flight as it doubles as a blanket.


Devices are a part of life and using them on your way to the airport, at the airport and more is going to drain the battery. The airport doesn't always offer convenient outlets or charging stations so take this portable phone charger with you everyone to never be in fear of running out of juice.

Hope these simple tricks help your travel experience. I feel that when I first started traveling I knew these tricks but never took care of them prior to the trip. It always came down to time, or I forgot and told myself I'd do it next time. No longer putting it off, I now swear by these tips as a stress-free way to prep for your travel and while at the airport.

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