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Updated: Aug 3, 2019


You're going to take expensive nice items with you, everyone does. From fancy cameras, to designer watches to the pair of jeans you're wearing - it's nice and you paid good money for it. A concern of most travelers is what to do I do with my jewelry on the trip and how to keep it safe. Here are 5 'common sense' things to consider when deciding what to take and packing your jewelry for safe keeping.


When packing, try to bring as little jewelry as you think you can get away with. Plan a “travel capsule” and stick to classic, versatile pieces that will coordinate with your whole wardrobe. No, you don't need to bring that chain that you haven't even checked to see if it goes with any of your planned outfits. Haven't planned your outfits?! You need to read my Packing article...anyways, no. Don't bring something you might wear, or something that you never wear and think this is the trip that I'll wear it - you won't. You know you won't.

Don't take your most beloved item. If the worst of the worst happens, can you replace it? If not, then really consider leaving it at home where it's safe and sound. Flashy, grand items get noticed, and not always by nice people. I'm not saying everyone has bad intentions, you just have to plan for the worst sometimes.

TIP: Go shopping! Pick up a new piece on your travels and then you'll have a lovely memory settled in that piece of jewelry forever and ever.


I'm sure you're very smart but this isn't about you. It's about the suitcase containing your precious jewelry that you had off at the airport that goes deep into the dark underworld of the airport mechanics, pass from person to person to machine to machine, and amazingly arrives where you do - - or does it? Dun dun dunnnnn.

You're suitcase is going to leave your sight. If it gets lost, the items inside should be replaceable. If not (and for some reason you're still taking them cause you didn't really read CHOOSE WISELY above about the non-replaceable items) you should be wearing them on your flight. Exactly, can't lose them now and they are always in sight. Even it's it's three diamond necklaces or that Rolex watch you love. Don't pack it - wear it. Lost luggage is a little too common nowadays, so play it safe by never packing jewelry.

It might be ridiculous to wear three diamond necklaces (wow, you have three?!) so tuck the extra pieces safely away in your carry-on or personal item and hold on to that. And don't let that bag out of your sight, but you knew that - see you are smart!


And check it twice. Before departing, document all the jewelry you’re taking with you by taking pictures of each item or a video of the whole bundle. Sure, laugh and say that's ridiculous - but your insurance provider won't think so. You have proof of your valuables and exactly what was lost, stolen, broken while traveling.

TIP: Anytime I purchase an expensive piece of jewelry or electronic, I immediately take a picture of the item with the receipt. This shows how much the item costs, the date of purchase, and the condition of the item so insurance doesn't have any reason to not fully reimburse me if something happens.

PRO TIP: The Tip is also good should something happen to your home where the item is kept. You can still file an insurance claim. Use a cloud based device (like Google Docs) to house the important files so you always have access.


Sadly, the most common place for jewelry to go missing is from your hotel room while you're out and about. Play it safe by keeping everything tucked away in the hotel safe and I mean everything. Cameras, watches, expensive shoes, whatever can fit in the safe, pack it in there.

TIP: Use your vacation as an opportunity to repair or shine your jewelry! Drop it off with your jeweler before you leave for a cleaning and inspection, then come home to sparkling clean jewels.


The truth is, sometimes life just bites us in the butt and things get lost, stolen, or damaged no matter what. It's sad, but it's true and that’s why jewelry insurance exists. Renters and homeowners insurance doesn’t always cover jewelry, but if they do then keep this in mind when packing some of your valuable. There's also jewelry coverage if you want to go the extra mile.

Deciding factor. You're taking the expensive jewelry because you can't be parted. You're disregarding the tips from above, because heck, it can't happen to you right. Famous last words, right? It can happen to you, your jewelry isn't special. If you purchase Jewelry Coverage, you can rest easy knowing that if something does happen, you're covered every possible way.

Traveling with jewelry is safe. People do it all the time and you have in the past. I share these tips with you not to scare you, but to help you prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, someone will lose their wedding ring. An expensive watch will be stolen. Some items will not be replaced.

The tips are to prep you so you have a game plan if something horrible occurs. And if none of this happens and all is safe and sound, then you can rest assured that you were prepared for the what ifs. The only last thing to do is look amazing in your jewelry and enjoy your trip.


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