What Itinerary Traveler is all about

The goal is to provide active, informative and fun travel itineraries. Everything and more you wanted to know before going on your trip so you don't have to waste vacation time trying to get a game plan. 

Itinerary Traveler is a site, blog, gallery and more. It's a collective gathering of trips and the planning that was involved to create the details of the trip.It was started because friends asked for advice when visiting a place I had ventured too - where to eat, what to do, where to spend money, etc. Instead of sending an email I thought, why not,make a site where anyone could use them. Other people must wonder the same about a trip. Use as much of the itineraries or as little as you want. You're the traveler.


Friends and colleagues ask about my travels - where I went, what I did, where I ate (this is a big one, everyone wants to eat well on a vacation) so I started sharing my travel itineraries. Then a few more people asked for the itineraries. Then a few more... and now we have Itinerary Traveler. And yes, it's FREE. I wouldn't charge my friends, so why charge you?


My goal is to share the fun times and travel tips so your trip is better than mine. I'm an affiliate on a few items, which means if you purchase through my link, there's a little income kick-back (thank you in advance). 


It's broken down by continent-to-city on the Destinations page, click it on the home bar at the top. If you don't see what you're looking for, click Your Trip and I'll make one for you. 


Each page will show you city information, when to visit, length of time, accommodations and more. The itineraries are very straight-forward and laid out like a day. Included are place to eat, sites to see, how much it might cost you, and sometimes a helpful link. You're encouraged to mix and match activities for your perfect day. 


Eating and drinking is included, I'm a big fan of Yelp and their rating system - you'll see the average price point for a restaurant ($ - $$$$) and the type of food they serve. If you don't like the place that's listed, alternatives are available.

To make life easier, there are also helpful links to the city website, maybe a language tool, a history blurb or something unique about this location. Finally, a summary of My Travels that will share a bit of what I learned, loved, would return to do again.


Unfortunately, I haven't been everywhere. If you don't find what you're looking for, complete the Your Trip for a personalized itinerary. Navigate to the top of this page - click on Your Trip.


Basic questions will help me get an understanding of how you like to travel, what you like to do, etc. Takes me about 1-2 weeks to put together an itinerary and bada-bing bada-boom, you'll get a personalized itinerary in your inbox.


I absolutely hate buying something for a trip and then it falling apart. That's just a nightmare. In Travel Necessities you'll find items that I stand-behind and personally travel with (again, affiliate, thank you in advance).


In the end, you should have the BEST time exploring the world. If one of the itineraries helps you do that, then goal accomplished. Have a great trip, wherever you may go.

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Itinerary Traveler is part of several affiliate advertising programs. This means if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links, then I may make a commission from the click and/or purchase. 

Thank you in advance.

Typical travel websites will give you the top 10+ attractions to visit, their experience and the perfect photo to prove it. ItineraryTraveler provides everything you want to do, all in one place. Everything from prices, how long to spend at an attraction to options for your day, food recommendations and more.


The other sites may list what's great about a city, but not how to do it all. I like to plan so keeping track of how I spend my day in this city helps when friends ask for recommendations of what to do. Keep in mind, it's your trip so mix-up this itinerary, add some events, remove some, make it your own and enjoy your trip. 

If you want more, a personalized itinerary may be the route to take. Get more information by clicking Your Trip

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